"The best part was when the adults joined in the Hokey Cokey, Laughs all round..."

I really enjoy my role as a Children's sports entertainer and I love thinking up new games and activities. All my equipment is replenished as required and is kept clean and safe.

The fun thing about my parties is that no child is ever out! Keeping the children entertained, involved and happy at all times is my main priority!


My equipment includes: 

  • Egg and Spoons
  • Sacks for races
  • Extra Large Parachute
  • A very large bucket of small soft foam balls
  • Snow Machine
  • Bean bags for throwing
  • Hula hoops
  • Team bibs
  • Small balls
  • Bubble Machine
  • And much much more.....

I do a large variety of games as standard but many more and different ones can be added on as extras. Some of my games include the following:

  • Egg and spoons races
  • Sack races 
  • Musical funny faces
  • Musical Cones
  • Team games
  • Musical Corners
  • Tag
  • Cat and Mouse tag
  • Bouncing balls (Parachute)
  • Hidden mushroom (Parachute)
  • Duck and swap
  • Cat and mouse (Parachute)
  • Duck duck Goose
  • Warm up exercises
  • Pass the parcel
  • And much much more...
  • If there are games you like that are not listed, just let me know. Its your party, I will help any way I can