"The party ran so smoothly I didn't need to do anything!...."


Here are some examples of a typical party. Remember you tailor make your party with me so do not assume this is exactly how your party will run.

1 hour party: I will arrive 15 mins prior to the start of the party to meet the birthday child and set up my equipment.

 When the children arrive they will all sit with me and I will introduce myself and talk about the party. We will then start with a fun warm up involving lots of running around, stretching and warming up our voices.

Musical games including musical cones where the children will dance around like animals and have to find cones to balance on their heads to win a sweet. No child is ever out during our games.

Parachute: A game of cat and mouse and then a 2 group game with soft sponge tennis balls, one group will have to shake the parachute to get the balls off whilst the other group must try and pick them up and put them back on the parachute.

Sports day style team races including egg and spoon, bean bag races and sack races.

Age appropriate music will be playing in the background, along with disco lights and bubbles.

Musical games and pass the parcel.

2 hour party: Arrival same as above and warm up.

Musical Corners

Cat and Mouse

Lunch time and birthday cake presentation.

After food has been eaten, a game of Pass the Parcel commences to allow the children's food to go down.

Egg and spoon races 

Musical funny faces

Parachute fun 

All parties include dancing to the Hokey Kokey with parent involvement at the end, before we finish with our presentation.


Not all of my games are listed here, if you would like a full timetable of the games that are usually played and the entertainment that I provide, please feel free to ask!